For many people in the Houston area, Uber and Lyft have become their preferred modes of transportation when they do not wish to drive. The reasons are obvious—rideshare companies offer relatively inexpensive and incredibly convenient services. In the event of an accident, however, pursuing an injury claim can be much more complicated than if you were injured in a private vehicle. If you have suffered a serious injury in a rideshare accident, a rideshare accident attorney from Lopez Franco can help you navigate the issues involved so that you can get the compensation you need to make a full recovery. 

Who Do You Hold Accountable in Your Rideshare Accident?

One of the reasons why rideshare accidents are complicated is that strictly speaking, Uber and Lyft are software companies and not common carriers. In addition, the drivers are company employees driving their own private vehicles. As a result, it is often unclear who is liable in an accident—the driver or the rideshare company.

Insurance Claims Are Complicated in Rideshare Accidents 

When your accident occurred in relation to what the driver was doing, it will be critical. In some instances, Lyft and Uber will provide coverage, but in others, they will not. Here is what you need to know about insurance coverage if you have been injured in a rideshare accident: 

  • Uber and Lyft only provide coverage if the app is on and the driver is waiting for a ride, has accepted a ride request, or was transporting passengers at the time of the accident. 
  • Uber and Lyft do not provide any insurance coverage when the app is off. In that case, the driver’s personal insurance will be the only source of coverage.

Rideshare passengers injured in an accident should, therefore, be able to pursue a claim against the company. The situation is more complicated for other drivers, however, and will depend on what the driver was doing at the time of the accident: 

  • If the app is on, but the driver has not yet accepted a ride request, Uber and Lyft will provide $25,000 for property damage and $50,000 for bodily injury. 
  • If the driver has accepted a ride request or is transporting a passenger, Uber and Lyft will provide up to $1 million in liability coverage. 

When you are injured, figuring out who should be held accountable can be incredibly difficult. Neither the driver nor the rideshare company may be willing to accept liability. You will also need to prove who was at fault and how their negligence caused the accident that led to your injuries. 

Let Lopez Franco Help You Get the Compensation You Deserve for Your Rideshare Accident Claim 

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